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The Nigerian Industrial Standard (NIS) Catalogue of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) reflects the requirements of ISO 7220:1996 'Information and documentation - Presentation of catalogues standards' as "an essential aids to the users of standards who must rely on catalogues, with or without the help of an information centre (Library) to determine whether a standard on a particular subject exists and if so, to estimate its probable relevance to their needs and to learn how to obtain it".

  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

    Showcase of all available standards published, withdrawn and under development.

  • Standards Development

    Gathering and processing of information through approved steps to come up with an accepted document to all stakeholders.

  • Library Services

    Serves as a research and reference point for standards information to staff, government agencies, business entrepreneurs and consumers.

  • Our Office Locations

    For inquiriess and purchase of NIS standards please visit our office closet to you.

  • How to Buy a Standard

    Browse through the SON Standards Catalogue to find the title an NIS code with the year of the standard

  • ICS Subject Structure

    Example of tab navigation using the enableNav option

  • Publication & Marketing

    Documents published by Standards Organisation of Nigeria for general information to the public.

  • FAQs

    Check our frequently asked questions for clarification on.

  • World Trade Organisation / TBT

    Inquiry Point.




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